Matchup Tips

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1. Select opponent's regions
2. Important cards they might play will appear. Play around these!
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Rough odds are calculated using average situations, given draws, mulligans, and timing.
If a range is given, it refers to draws/timing. Low end is early situations, high end is later in the game.

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_region Name Front Back
demacia Judgment Judgment Expect vs Demacia Targon decks like Lux/leona or Leona/Aurelion Sol and decks with multiple Garens. If you don't have a counter, play a unit before you attack, then if they leave 8 mana open, assume they have it. Don't attack with too many units at once. Odds of them having it if GAREN is on board: ~20%. (3 Garen in the deck)
noxus Transfusion Transfusion Expect vs aggro but mostly Vladimir.
freljord Avalanche Avalanche Expect vs SI/Frejlord control decks like Feel the Rush or Anivia Decks. Watch for your opponent playing in a way that might indicate they are holding this, and don't overextend into it.
freljord Brittle Steel Brittle Steel Expect vs Ashe Nox and Fizz/TF. Without going too far out of your way, try to keep large units HP above 3. Often they'll really telegraph with a specific damage or block that they're setting up for this card.
ionia Deny Deny Expect in every Ionia deck. Be patient and don't get too hasty with your important spells while the opponent has 4 mana up. Look for opportunities where you can use spells on the turns where they have less than 4 mana left. Odds of them having it: ~35-60% (more after Deep Meditation)
ionia-noxus Minah Swiftfoot Minah Swiftfoot Expect vs Yasuo on turn 9. If you're on turn 9 vs Yasuo, you pretty much need to attack right away and kill them before they can play this.
noxus Culling Strike Culling Strike Try to keep some fast speed +attack spells like Sharpsight or Riposte to completely nullify this effect when it gets cast.
noxus Whirling Death Whirling Death Expect if DRAVEN is on the board vs Discard Aggro, Noxus Targon and Ezreal Draven. Try to keep some counter tricks, and don't take greedy blocks with valuable engines, since this can't kill what doesn't fight. Odds of them having it if DRAVEN is on board: ~20%
ionia-noxus Yone, Windchaser Yone, Windchaser Expect vs Yasuo after turn 7. Try to first action attack against this deck after turn 6 or so to avoid letting them play slow speed threats like this, Deafening Roar, or Minah.
piltover-zaun Mystic Shot Expect in every P&Z deck, try to keep valuable units above 2 health. Aggro decks will use this for lethal damage to Nexus. Like with all 3x's that are kept in the mulligan, expect at least one Mystic Shot in their hand ~60% of the time.
piltover-zaun Statikk Shock Statikk Shock Expect in every Ezreal deck. Try to avoid having multiple 1HP units on board at once, this one is actually quite easy to play around.
demacia Ranger's Resolve Ranger's Resolve Expect in Demacia decks that play a lot of units (Scouts, Lulu Shen) Try to split your damage/removal across different turns to diminish this card's value.
noxus Ravenous Flock Ravenous Flock Expect vs Yasuo, Swain, or Ezreal. don't chump block with your valuable units to play around it.
bilgewater Make it Rain Make it Rain Expect in some Bilgewater decks. Try to keep your units at 2HP or play more units to help your odds.
shadow-isles Black Spear Black Spear Expect if KALISTA is on board and vs Shadow Isles decks that chump block like Go Hard TF. Avoid playing valuable 4HP units into this.
shadow-isles Grasp of the Undying Expect in slow Shadow Isles decks like Frejlord/SI control and Deep decks. Save a combat trick if they have 5+ mana.
shadow-isles The Ruination The Ruination Expect in slow Shadow Isles decks like Frejlord/SI control and Deep decks. Don't overcommit into this. Consider doing first action attacks if they have 9 mana. Decide the upper limit of value you accept giving to this card. Often you'll want to play a cheap unit before the attack, so that if they Ruinate, you can develop a bigger one after to attack. If they then pass back to you and keep 9 mana up, you must attack at that point. If they go under 9, keep developing before your attack as normal.
shadow-isles Vengeance Vengeance Expect in slow Shadow Isles decks like Frejlord/SI control, Go Hard TF, and Deep decks . Try not to give them too big of a single target if you can instead buff smaller units. Like with all fast speed spells, this one gets countered by playing units before the attack.
shadow-isles-ionia Death Mark Death Mark Usually played right after Darkwater Scourge or Mark of the Isles. Killing either target will stop the entire effect.
demacia Single Combat Single Combat Expect in every Midrange or Control Demacia deck Like Leona/Asol. A well-timed combat trick like Sharpsight or in response to this can be high value. Removing their attack target is also great, with stuff like Glimpse Beyond. Odds of them having it: ~50%
noxus Brothers' Bond Brothers' Bond Expect in aggressive Noxus decks. Usually these decks HAVE to play units before attacking UNLESS they have a combat trick like this in hand, so expect this when they open attack.
noxus Death's Hand Death's Hand Expect vs Swain and Ezreal Decks. Try to keep valuable units above 2 HP.
demacia Riposte Riposte Expect if FIORA is on the board and vs decks like Scouts, Fiora Shen, Lulu Shen. Saving a ping in the form of Vile Feast or Mystic Shot can be helpful.
demacia Stand Alone Stand Alone Expect in mono Fiora decks. They usually play it turn 4 after playing Fiora on 3.
freljord Harsh Winds Harsh Winds Expect vs ASHE decks and Frejlord/SI Control. Like with all big fast speed spells, play units before attacking into this. They'll have to keep mana up and telegraph this, and you'll get more value out of your attack. Summon more units if you're expecting an open attack lethal with Ashe.
shadow-isles Withering Wail Withering Wail Expect in slow Shadow Isles decks like Frejlord/SI control and Deep decks. Don't have too many 1HP units, and if you're worried about the opponent having it, try to play a unit before you attack. They'll have to telegraph this, and you'll get more value out of your attack.
ionia Will of Ionia Will of Ionia Expect in some Ionia Decks. This can reset buffs, so watch out for stacking too many buffs on a unit.
noxus Noxian Fervor Noxian Fervor Expect vs Swain TF but mostly Aggro decks like MG/GP and Noxus Targon. Keep an removal spell to stop the spell.
piltover-zaun Get Excited! Get Excited! Expect in Ezreal decks and some PnZ aggro decks like Discard aggro.This can target Nexus directly, watch out for that. Odds of them having it: ~30-50%.
demacia Radiant Strike Radiant Strike Expect vs decks with many Quick Attack units and mostly mono Fiora decks
demacia Purify Purify The ability to remove your buffs at burst speed is strong, make sure you don't overcommit into one unit and if you're a buff deck think about buffing a Champion since Purify can't be used on Champions. Play around Hush Instead if you're Vs Demacia Targon.
freljord Flash Freeze Flash Freeze Expect vs Ashe Nox and Frejlord/SI Control decks, just another frostbite to be careful of.
freljord Elixir of Iron Elixir of Iron Expect vs Ashe Nox and Fizz/TF decks. Don't be afraid to try to remove units, if they have Elixir you'll never get a better opportunity since they don't tap below 1.
noxus-ionia Intimidating Roar Intimidating Roar Watch out for this in mid/late situations especially if a Bladetwirler or Yasuo is on the board. Try to first action attack against this deck after turn 6 or so to avoid letting them play slow speed threats like this, Yone, or Minah.
piltover-zaun Thermogenic Beam Thermogenic Beam Expect in every Ezreal or Pnz Control decks. Odds of them having it: 50-65%
shadow-isles Glimpse Beyond Glimpse Beyond They tend to use this when you go in to kill something with a spell, try to save your spells for when they have less than 2 mana. Be very careful with single-target spells that generate conditional value, like Concussive Palm, because Glimpse will stop the ENTIRE spell.
shadow-isles Vile Feast Vile Feast Keep some protection for valuable 1HP units unless you can't avoid giving their Vile Feast value. If you can stop the effect from going off they also don't get the spider.
noxus-ionia Steel Tempest Steel Tempest Expect vs Yasuo to slow down the pace of the game or vs Ionia Control decks like Spooky Karma and Ez Karma.
freljord Fury of the North Fury of the North Expect vs Sejuani decks IF they already have one Sejuani on the board.
piltover-zaun Gotcha! Gotcha! Expect this in any Ezreal deck or Pnz Control decks in general.
bilgewater-shadow-isles Riptide Riptide Expect vs Deep decks if NAUTILUS is on board.
ionia Spirit's Refuge Spirit's Refuge Expect mostly vs Shen Fiora decks. Order your units right to prevent its maximum value.
shadow-isles Atrocity Atrocity Expect in Shadow Isles aggro decks like Fearsome, Endure or Nightfall but also vs control decks like Feel the Rush or Ledros.
demacia Unyielding Spirit Unyielding Spirit Expect in some mono Fiora decks and Lux decks. Keep your removal cards like vengence to kill the units on the stack or Keep Will of Ionia and silence spells to deal with it.
ionia-piltover-zaun Yone, Windchaser Yone, Windchaser Expect in Yasuo Decks. Open attack to avoid giving them value on Turn 7.
bilgewater Twisted Fate Twisted Fate Can threaten either Red Card or Gold Card. Don't overextend weak units, especially against a keg, but it's safe if you have a card that can kill the Keg during this effect.
freljord Icevale Archer Icevale Archer Usually it's best to ignore the possibility of this card, as trying to open attack every turn for the rest of the game doesn't work.
noxus-ionia Arachnoid Sentry Arachnoid Sentry Usually it's best to ignore the possibility of this card, as trying to open attack every turn for the rest of the game doesn't work.
bilgewater-shadow-isles Devourer of the Depths Devourer of the Depths This effect can be stopped by playing something to increase the target's HP, or decrease the Devourer's HP, such that the target becomes invalid. Tools like Will of Ionia that remove this unit from play will also stop its ability.
shadow-isles-piltover-zaun Corina Veraza Corina Veraza Expect this to come down on turn 9 vs Corina SI. Odds of them having it: ~55%. Odds of dealing 2 or 5 damage: ~15% each. Odds of dealing 3 or 4 damage: ~35% each.
demacia Radiant Guardian Radiant Guardian Sometimes its best to avoid killing a unit to trigger this, if you can't afford to let the opponent heal.
noxus-piltover-zaun Arachnoid Sentry Arachnoid Sentry Usually it's best to ignore the possibility of this card, as trying to open attack every turn for the rest of the game doesn't work.