Last Updated on January 26.
The best decks in the game.
This is a tierlist of my personally built variants of ladder archetypes.

Tier 1: ~56+% winrate at high ranks. ~25 games to rank up a division.
Tier 2: ~53-55% winrate at high ranks. ~33 games to rank up a division.
Tier 3: ~50-52% winrate at high ranks. ~40 games to rank up a division.
Kekw: Don't play this lmao

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_reg1_and_2 Region Deck Name Tier Difficulty Type Video Comment
demacia bilgewater
Demacia Bilgewater
New Pool Scouts 1 Easy Aggro
demacia ionia
Demacia Ionia
Fiora Shen 1 Medium Midrange
piltover-zaun bilgewater
Piltover & Zaun Bilgewater
New Fizz TF 1 Medium Combo
noxus piltover-zaun
Noxus Piltover & Zaun
Ezreal Burn 1 Hard Control
piltover-zaun noxus
Piltover & Zaun Noxus
Discard Aggro 1 Hard Aggro
targon ionia
Targon Ionia
Lee Zoe Combo 1 Hard Combo
noxus freljord
Noxus Freljord
New Ashe Midrange 2 Medium Midrange
shadow-isles bilgewater
Shadow Isles Bilgewater
Burblefish Go Hard 2 Medium Midrange
shadow-isles demacia
Shadow Isles Demacia
New Spooky OTK 2 Medium Combo
targon demacia
Targon Demacia
New Asol Plaza 2 Hard Midrange
freljord shadow-isles
Freljord Shadow Isles
FTR Control 2 Hard Control
demacia targon
Demacia Targon
New Butterfly Fiora 3 Medium Combo
freljord targon
Freljord Targon
New Targon's Peak Kekw Medium Combo
piltover-zaun targon
Piltover & Zaun Targon
New Viktor Zoe Kekw Medium Combo
Aggro: End the game fast or use the pressure to force the opponent into awkward plays. Kills Combo before they come online, but weak vs decks that play for slower, defensive value (Midrange & Control).
Combo: Slow deck that prioritizes lategame punchthrough over stall/survival. This usually beats the low pressure Control decks, but without enough defense to survive Aggro.
Control: Slow attrition deck that tries to out-grind, with optional specific finishers. Out-survives Aggro and Midrange decks, but lacks the pressure to beat Combo decks.
Midrange: Flexible deck that plays to survive vs Aggro or plays to rush vs Control. Since you want to be a lot faster or a little slower than your opponent, this often has an easier time against Aggro than Control.
Tempo: Pressure. The idea of playing for mana/board efficiency and forcing the opponent to make low value plays due to pressure. The wincondition of fast decks.
Value: Long term value, usually represented by card advantage, or who has more cards. The wincondition of control decks isn't nexus health, but their opponent running out of value (cards).
Tips: Lastly, this isn't just about decks, but handstates. A deck that has mostly slow Control cards can still draw a much faster hand than their Midrange opponent and become the aggressor in that specific game.